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Affordable Aging is one of the nation’s leading educators on the FHA HECM, more commonly known as the Government version of the Reverse Mortgage.  Ted Butler is a recognised expert in the field of Reverse Mortgages and known for his weekly radio show, Affordable Aging, heard on AM880 KIXI Radio and AM570 KPQ Radio as well as being a panelist on KCTS Channel 9’s acclaimed television series “Tough Times – Rising Above the Financial Crisis”.  Ted’s kind and unique approach of “teaching rather than preaching” about the virtues of this important HUD program has brought greater financial security and independence to hundreds of seniors and their families.  An educated consumer is a powerful consumer, and as wonderful a program as the FHA Home Equity Conversion Mortgage may be, it is useless unless someone knows about it, more importantly, knows the truth, the whole truth, about a modern financial tool specifically designed to help keep Senior Home Owners where the vast majority of them want to stay… right in their very own home, as long as possible.

Ted Butler

I hope you enjoy my blog.

C.E. Ted Butler, Senior Home Advisor

Security 1 Lending

Bellevue, Washington

Toll Free 1-(877) 563-4241

Washington License 71436

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